Welcome to our Family Worker’s Page

At Wigmore we have two family workers:


     Trezett Derose                             Susan Swann


Our philosophy as family workers here at Wigmore is to strive towards achieving positive
outcomes for all children and families. We work in partnership with school staff and partner
agencies such as health, education psychology, social care, adult learning and charities to
facilitate, enhance and support parental involvement in all aspects of school life and your
children’s learning journey.


The Family Support Work enables the team to help and support families, often in times of great difficulty and chaos, change and transition, for as long as they need us.” Unlike many services aimed at supporting families, we have no time limit. Pro-active work with parents is much more effective than reactive work with children. We have supported a diverse range of families through health related matters, divorce, debt management, addictions and many other matters that affect our lives. Our support to families is extremely varied and is tailored towards what parents have asked for and what we can realistically provide. Support is therefore, appropriate and representative.

Please take the time to come and see us and have friendly chat. We operate an open door
policy from 8.30am-4.30pm.
There are a range of activities on offer and resources to browse. We also offer individual
We look forward to working with you.
Susan Swann and Trezett Derose.


To contact either Trezett or Susan please phone 01582 616101 Ext: 6112 or 6113

Alternatively, call into the Family Room which is located next to the Key Stage 2 Playground (at the end of the staff carpark).

Below you find information some of the key events organised by the Family workers:

Half termly Newsletter:

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Other events or information: