Online Safety at Wigmore

Update Autumn Term 2023

Please use the link below for helpful tips on how to keep your children safe online!–carers.html



Update Summer Term 2023

Please see the attached information about the app ‘Telegram’.




November update – Huggy Wuggy & Poppy Playtime:

Huggy Wuggy and Poppy Playtime Online Safety Review – Update

Letter to parents – Huggy Wuggy & Poppy Playtime


Use the link below to enroll onto online safety courses and to receive updates!


Below, you will find useful documents and information about staying safe online.


Trolling and Online Abuse

Fortnite guide for parents

Minecraft guide for parents


Roblox guide for parents

Instagram guide for parents

Discord guide for parents

YouTube guide for parents

Online hoaxes

What are NFTs?