School Vision

Our vision of Wigmore Primary is a school in which children are safe, valued, supported to learn independently and think for themselves. Pupils’ achievements are celebrated and they develop skills that enable them to make good progress and gain the opportunity to strive for their own unique excellence. Children will have access to quality first teaching which is consistent throughout the school. A broad and balanced curriculum is offered with a range of creative, exciting and enriching first hand experiences, both within the school day and beyond.

Children are confident to learn from their mistakes, everyone has the child very much as the centre of what they do. Wigmore is a fully inclusive school and effective support is given to pupils in order to make it so.

Pupils at Wigmore achieve academically, personally and socially. They are explicitly taught essential life skills; to work collaboratively, resolve conflict and be supportive of one another. Staff take steps to ensure learning is effective and may use timely and precise intervention to support students in their learning.

Children, parents, staff and governors recognise that they are part of the school community and feel proud to be part of Wigmore. The school has an open door policy; we are committed to working with families to support children in their lifelong learning.

At Wigmore we teach our children about values that will help them work collaboratively and with respect for one another. We teach all children to approach life with positivity and determination and that it is important to show empathy and acceptance of others. 

Values are principles, fundamental convictions or ideals that act as general guides to behaviour or as reference points in decision making. These values make are school community happy and harmonious, an exciting place where children feel secure. Our values are important to how we live and work together and how we treat the local, national and global environment we live in. 

The programme 

At Wigmore each individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Having a monthly focus on a core value is intended to support the personal, social, emotional and spiritual development of very pupil in our school. The whole staff team and all pupils are involved in promoting values and recognizing when someone is showing this value in their actions, words, thoughts and behaviour. The values have been carefully selected because they underpin our vision and ethos; they are important within the school community and will be important throughout life. It is expected that parents/carers support the school’s work on promoting these values in the homes of the children. 


Through out core values we aim to:

  • Encourage a harmonious environment by developing strong values within the pupils at Wigmore. 
  • Develop pupils’ understanding of what values are and why they are important. 
  • Encourage the children to live the values in all aspects of their lives. 
  • Promote values to pupils and parents in various aspects of school life, including whole school events. 
  • Model values in the way in which all adults interact with each other and with the children at Wigmore. 
  • Display our school values and encourage all visitors to be aware of them during their time at Wigmore. 

Values for academic year 2022.2023

September Resilience
October Courage 
November  Respect 
December  Kindness 
January  Loyalty 
February  Honesty 
March  Responsibility 
April  Gratitude 
May  Tolerance 
June  Humility 
July  Happiness


We ensure that fundamental British values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of our school. Assemblies focus on the different values of the month and teacher follow up the value of the month with assemblies devised by themselves or from the Jigsaw scheme of work.