Nurturing excellence

At Wigmore we have a clear vision, aims and values which underpin everything that we do and every decision that we make.

At the root of our school community there are 3 key elements of growth.

Our vision for nurture

To provide a supportive and caring environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is valued and treated with respect, including respect for themselves and for the environment they work in. A calm, consistent and comforting school environment will help the children become resilient, respectful and confident learners who are supported well and encouraged to grow positively by all adults in our school.

Our vision for achievement

To ensure all children achieve their personal best. Achievement is not necessarily about being the best, but doing your best; fulfilling your potential and championing others to do the same. Striving to achieve your personal best means aiming high and maintaining positive attitudes and behaviour on the journey towards personal and collective excellence.

Our vision for excellence

To encourage a culture of ‘no limits’ learning where children are aspirational and strive for personal excellence in order to grow and flourish. For all adults that work with the children provide high quality learning experiences that are purposeful, challenging and fun and that encourage all children to reach their full potential.

Wigmore Values

We expect children, staff, parents and governors to adopt the ‘Wigmore Way’ of care, respect and self-control in everything that we do so each individual can grow to develop positive attitudes towards learning and all other aspects of living. Each value will provide a focus for all members of the community for a half term but will be reinforced throughout the academic year.  Our core values underpin our daily life and curriculum, which are:

Autumn 1 Resilience
Autumn 2 Independence
Spring 1 Empathy
Spring 2 Curiosity
Summer 1 Challenge
Summer 2 Pride


Our Golden Expectations for Growth

The 7 Golden Expectations for Growth will link to the 7 leaves on the tree on our school logo. We aim for children to ensure they meet each one of these key expectations in order to grow and fully develop into individuals who contribute positively to all aspects of life in and outside of school.

We listen.

We are gentle.

We do our best.

We are kind.

We are helpful.

We respect each other, equipment and the environment.

We are honest.

We ensure that fundamental British values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of our school. Assemblies focus on the different values of the half term and teachers follow up the value of the half term with assemblies devised by themselves or from the Jigsaw scheme of work.