Year 2 Superstars!

Year 2 have been fascinated by the  ‘Journey’ story by Aaron Becker. In this exquisitely illustrated, wordless book, an ordinary girl draws a magic door on her bedroom wall – and escapes on an extraordinary journey of magic and adventure! The children were able to predict and use drama and roleplay to describe some of the events that occurred in the story!

Please find ‘The Journey’ story attached below:

The magnificent mathematicians have been busy adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. They used concrete objects to work out sums. Have a look at the learning taking place below:

The super scientists in Year 2 have been learning about how animals who give birth to live offspring, and those who lay eggs, reproduce. They then matched and sorted the animals
according to various criteria’s.

In Topic this week children were thinking about how we know about ‘The Great Fire of London’, focusing specifically on the diary of Samuel Pepys. They then looked at other sources, such as pictures, objects and newspapers. Children were encouraged to consider what kind of information we can find out from each source. Children created their own diary entry extracts from Samuel Pepys diary. Have a look at some of their fantastic work below:

The children in Year 2 have a lot of fantastic learning to look forward to over the next few weeks:

  • English: We will be continuing with our “Journey” story.
  • Maths: We will be moving on to adding two 2-digit numbers.
  • Science: We will be exploring how humans grow as they get older.
  • Topic: We will be recalling key facts about The Great Fire of London, placing the event on a timeline and retelling the events and causes of the fire.

The Year 2 Team have been amazed with the exceptional learning that has been taking place in the 3 different classes. Well done to the children for achieving their personal best!


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Year 2 Team.

Fire! Fire!

The Great Fire of London

This half term Year 2 children have been busy learning about The Great Fire of London, here are some key facts we have learnt:


* The fire started on Saturday 2nd of September 1666.
* The fire lasted for four days.
* They used leather buckets and water squirts to try and put the fire out.
* There were no fire engines or fire alarms in 1666.
* They used the church bells to warn people about the fire.


We made our own firework pictures using chalk and a range of materials ready for a display in our classroom. Below is a collection of pictures of our work – what do you think?


Click on the link or copy the web address below to play a game about The Great Fire of London: