We look back at the learning and skills we have developed last half term

(Questions written for parents/carers to ask their children)



Gymnastics – We have been exploring the apparatus, learning how to be safe when using them and using our imagination to see what ways we can travel along, besides, below and over. Pupils also developed their balancing skills and were able to perform balances on the apparatus.

Q – What are the safety rules when using the apparatus?

Ball Skills – Pupils have challenged themselves by learning how to control a ball in a variety of ways including bouncing, rolling, throwing and catching. They have developed this further by being able to send a ball to a target.

Q – What shape would you make with your hands to catch a ball?


Ball skills – Pupils were challenged to find ways of moving with a ball, using different parts of their body. We also developed ways of dribbling with the ball with the aim to find space or avoid others.

Q – What sports do we dribble a ball in?

Locomotion – When, why and how were the main focus in our running topic. Pupils investigated which parts of our body do we use and the correct technique for running for speed and avoiding others.

Q – What action do you make with your arms when running?


Ball skills – The unit of work has challenged pupils to apply their understanding of underarm and overarm throwing to beat their opponents. Pupils extended their understanding of why we need to be accurate when we throw. This has developed in to team games with communication being a key learning point in the topic.

Q- How do we aim when throwing a ball?

Dance – We have been learning about how we link actions together and and how we can use emotion and expression to improve our performance. Pupils had to be creative and work collaboratively with others to choreograph their own routines. To progress the learning pupils learnt about unison and canon and added these actions to their routines.

What does unison / canon mean?


Invasion Skills / Game Sense – We used football as our focus to apply the main principles of attack vs. defence. Pupils understand how and why possession is key in invasion sports. Pupils are able to link different skills together to keep possession including passing, dribbling and creating space.

Q – How do we keep possession?



Invasion games – Our main focus was on team work and what skills are needed for a team to be successful in different invasion sports. Pupils had to use dribbling and passing skills together and understood why this is important for keeping possession and why possession is so key.

Q – Why is possession so important?

Gymnastics – Skills worked on in this topic included balances (bridges), rolls, jumps, shapes and how we can link these actions together to create a sequence. Pupils had to analyse each others performances to look for strengths and weaknesses. These sequences were then adapted to include apparatus to challenge pupils. It was great to see the confidence gained by the pupils within this topic.

Q – Can you name 5 gymnastic shapes we have learnt?


Yr.4 Possession skills Video 1

Yr.4 Possession skills Video 2


Net / Wall – We used badminton as the sport to improve our net/wall knowledge but looked at what skills transfer from sports like tennis. Pupils developed their forehand and backhand technique and progressed into using these shots in a game situation and how we need to use tactics to beat an opponent.

Q – What is the ready position?

OAA – Our main focus was on team work and what skills are needed for a team to be successful. Pupils were set a variety of problem solving tasks and then had to work as a team to complete them. They then discussed the importance of communication, leadership, and co operation. Pupils also started on orienteering and the features of a map and what helps us to understand a map e.g. key and landmarks.

Q – How do we use a key and why is a compass so important when reading a map?



Health & Fitness – The children developed an understanding the importance of strength, flexibility and how this is applicable in all areas of sport. We also taught how the cardiovascular system works and built knowledge around how different parts of the body work e.g. muscular.

Q – How many muscles in the body can you name and what is the largest muscle in your body?

Invasion Skills – Pupils had to use prior knowledge from other invasion sports and transfer these skills for hockey. Pupils focused on how to defend as a team and individually and investigated the pros and cons of man marking and marking the space. Pupils also developed tactical thinking in attack and how to create space by keeping the pitch big. This developed into creating space for others as well as themselves and why this is so important for the team.

Q – What are the pros and cons of man marking?



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