What We Learnt This Half Term

(Questions written for parents/carers to ask their children)

KS1 – Amazing progress made by our KS1 pupils this half term!

Brilliant Ball skills –  Pupils learnt basic techniques to send and receive, learnt under/over arm and bounce pass, learnt to aim with accuracy, able to change direction safely and at different speeds and were able to stop and trap the ball using both hands and feet.

Q. Before we send a ball what should we always do first? A = Aim


Skip to the Beat – Pupils discovered how to land on their feet in a variety of ways (Foot patterns). Pupils used these skills as a singular action and then progressed by performing the skills 5, 10, 15 times in a row. Pupils were then challenged to use foot patterns whilst using ropes / hoops to skip with and this helped to develop “Balance” which was one of our key words.

Q. What 4 “Foot Patterns” have we learnt this half term? A = 2>2 / 1>1 / 2>1 / 1>2