What a fantastic start to 2023 we’ve had. The children have been busy learning, take a look…

Rowan Class and Yew Class have had their first ever school trip to Whipsnade Zoo. Poplar Class are going next week and they have been hearing all about from their friends.

The children are studying Living things in their habitats in Science and were lucky enough to have a workshop at the zoo, where the children had to look at the clues to identify the different habitats which animals could be found in. The children found this hands on activity very engaging.

After lunch the children were explorers – finding the huge variety of animals in the zoo and finding out which habitat they live in.

It was a fun but tiring and very chilly day. Thank you to all the children for being well behaved.

In English and reading we are looking at this book:

The Last Wolf: Amazon.co.uk: Grey, Mini: 9780857550927: Books

We have been predicting what will happen next, comparing characters and practising reading with fluency. This week we have also listened to the text and drawn a picture – visualising the picture from the words.

The text said ” The Last Wolf was living in a cosy tree-cave, along with the Last Lynx and the Last Bear.” – this is what we visualised…