Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been great to see the children settle into the routines of school over the last two weeks. This can only happen if children have positive relationships with the adults in school and there is a clear focus on working together in-line with our Golden Expectations. It would be beneficial if all families could make a big effort to improve attendance and punctuality this academic year. These are both important life skills and it is disappointing that we have some poor attendance and punctuality figures so early in the term.

Senior staff have been visiting classrooms to see learning in action, our focus has been on ensuring children have a good understanding of resilience in and out of the classroom. Children in classes across the school have been completing a range of activities on this key value. These activities have included:

  • Creating class sets of rules and agreed routines.
  • Formation of a class motto and some focused learning about the tree the class is named after.
  • An opportunity for the children to share information about themselves.
  • Developing an understanding of resilience and independence.
  • Focused work on friendships and how to manage feelings during times of challenge.
  • Understanding the importance of having a growth mindset.
  • Celebrating the wonderful diverse backgrounds we have in each class.
  • How we can solve problems peacefully and talk honestly about any worries we might have.
  • Recognising the importance of sleep and good sleep routines.
  • Understanding the importance of having a healthy diet and good personal hygiene and dental health.

The children have been working incredibly hard on all of the above and the teachers have planned some amazing activities linked to learning about these concepts. Thank you!

Family Room

Over the past two weeks a number of families have been accessing support from our amazing family workers. If you need support of any kind do not hesitate to contact them in school. By working in partnership with families we can make amazing things happen for the young people at Wigmore.

School drop off and pick up

Thank you to the parents and carers who consistently use the Asda Car Park for school drop off and pick up and to those who are choosing active forms of travel to and from school. We want to keep the end of Twyford Drive free of traffic to keep all our families safe on their arrival and departure from school. School staff would also like to avoid having to manage complaints from local residents about parking, this takes time away from working with the children in their classrooms. We have been in touch with Luton Borough Council parking team who will be sending camera cars to school regularly throughout the year. It is unfortunate and disappointing that a number, and often the same parents and carers, do not follow the advice we give them about the importance of keeping all our school community safe. Please use the Asda Car Park at school drop off and pick up time.

Meet the Leadership Team

Thank you to the parents and carers who attended our Meet the Leadership team sessions last week. You will see different members of the leadership team on the school gates at the beginning and end of the day.

Welcome Meetings

Our welcome meetings have been taking place in school this week for Year 1, 3 and 5. Next week we have Year 2, 4 and 6. Once these meetings have taken place the slides from the meeting will be shared with parents and carers. Thank you to those parents and carers who have been in school to meet the teachers and thank you to the teachers for preparing and providing all the useful information for parents and carers.


This academic year we have different adults leading assemblies in school throughout the week. Thank you to the children for listening well in assembly and to the adults for planning assemblies about the following:

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • National Read a Book Day
  • Roald Dahl Day
  • Singing Assembly
  • Celebration Assembly
  • Introduction to our value of the month for September (resilience)


Percussion in Year 3 is back up and running with the amazing Billy from Luton Music Service every Tuesday. Individual drumming and brass lessons are also taking place on the same day. Choir and singing assemblies are always a highlight of the week. It is great to hear the sound of music coming from different parts of the school.


Well done to Year 3 for being excellent ambassadors for Wigmore at their trip to Walton-on-the-Naze on Wednesday. Thank you to the adults who organised this wonderful opportunity for the children and for doing a great job supporting them on the day. Mr Marshall and the teachers have been working hard on creating a trips overview for the year. Dates and any cost implications will be communicated with parents and carers as soon as possible.

House Points

The children have been working incredibly hard in school to earn points for their House!

Week beginning Aviators Brewers Mechanics Plaiters
12.9.22 394 – WINNERS! 355 386 230

The Gold Book

Well done to the following children who were in the Gold Book this week.

Class Week beginning 12.9.22
Acorns (Reception) Ke’Jon
Conkers (Reception) Valentina
Pine (Reception) Maddison
Alder (Year 1) Aaliyah
Ash (Year 1) Elijah
Birch (Year 1) Rafsan
Poplar (Year 2) Oscar
Rowan (Year 2) Ryan
Yew (Year 2) Dara
Aspen (Year 3) Olivia
Hazel (Year 3) Alesia
Juniper (Year 3) Lily
Elm (Year 4) Musa K
Maple (Year 4) Kiian
Willow (Year 4) Roqaya
Beech (Year 5) Maddie
Hawthorn (Year 5) Tobiasz
Linden (Year 5) Abdullah
Holly (Year 6) Ayaan
Lime (Year 6) Mohamed
Oak (Year 6) Jacob


At Wigmore we have to aim to be here every day! Excellent attendance is 97% or above. There are strong links between good attendance and good progress in school, both academically and socially.  We want to be the best we can possibly be and reach our school target of 97%. We have to make a concerted effort in order to improve attendance and punctuality.

Our Classopoly Competition will be launched in the next few weeks. If your child’s class has attendance of over 97% they will make progress towards earning prizes for their class. Let’s work together and support each other to make sure all children are in school every day.

Every minute of every lesson counts!

Be in to win!

Be on time and in school every day!

Class Percentage Comment Classopoly steps forward
Acorns (Reception) 94.8% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Conkers (Reception) 85.2% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Pine (Reception) 95% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Alder (Year 1) 97.1% Outstanding! Starting very soon!
Ash (Year 1) 85.4% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Birch (Year 1) 97.2% Outstanding! Starting very soon!
Poplar (Year 2) 99.3% WINNERS! Starting very soon!
Rowan (Year 2) 98.6% Outstanding! Starting very soon!
Yew (Year 2) 98.3% Outstanding! Starting very soon!
Aspen (Year 3) 93.2% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Hazel (Year 3) 93.8% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Juniper (Year 3) 96.9% Almost there! Starting very soon!
Elm (Year 4) 98.7% WINNERS! Starting very soon!
Maple (Year 4) 93.9% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Willow (Year 4) 95.2% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Beech (Year 5) 96.1% Almost there! Starting very soon!
Hawthorn (Year 5) 94.8% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Linden (Year 5) 95.2% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Holly (Year 6) 96.6% Almost there! Starting very soon!
Lime (Year 6) 98.6% Outstanding! Starting very soon!
Oak (Year 6) 94.1% Must improve! Starting very soon!
Whole School 94.6% Must improve! NA

Lateness = lost learning!

5 minutes late every day 3 days of learning lost
10 minutes late every day 6 and half days of learning lost
15 minutes late every day 2 weeks of learning lost
20 minutes late every day 19 days of learning lost

Days off school = lost learning!

97% to 100% attendance  Excellent attendance! This is our goal!
95% attendance  10 days of learning lost per year
90% attendance 19 days of learning lost per year
85% attendance 29 days of learning lost per year
80% attendance 38 days of learning lost per year
75% attendance 47 days of learning lost per year

With thanks for your continued support in the work we do with your children,

Mr Johnston