Reading and writing 

Year 1 children are showing great progress in their writing already this year. They are learning how to use full stops and capital letters correctly and are beginning to use adjectives to describe. They have learnt the story of Handa’s Surprise and enjoyed tasting a variety of tropical fruits to hook them into the text. We are now moving on to writing information texts about animals and are looking forward to seeing that the children produce! The children continue to enjoy and engage with whole class reading sessions where they have been reading a book called Between Tick and Tock and are now moving on to The Snail and The Whale. Encourage your child at home to talk to you about the books they have read. In both reading and writing lessons the children have been being explicitly taught new vocabulary words to extend their imagination. Try asking your child what an antelope is or even a herbivore? As of last term, the children continue to learn new skills including how to use adjectives, nouns and verbs. Ask your child to tell you what these are and keep reminding them of these word classes at home. Thank you for your continued support with Give me Ten and supporting your child’s reading at home.


In Year 1 children have been working really hard and learning about Place value, they have enjoyed using concrete resources to support their learning.  It is great to see children being confident in using counters and 10 frames as well as bead strings to support their understanding of numbers from 11 to 20, they have also been learning to write the word to the number. Children have been introduced to base 10 to help them understand the concept of how many tens and ones are in a two digit number. 

Moreover, children in Year 1 have learnt about the number line to 20 and how to use and estimate on  a number line. It was great to see children challenge themselves and use a ruler to draw a number line, something the children really enjoyed. 

We are now learning about Addition and Subtraction within 20. Children have been enjoying adding two numbers together. They have been using a variety of resources to help them build connections and work out the number sentences. Children have learnt that with addition you can swap the numbers around and still get the same answer. 

Moreover, children have learnt about ordering numbers to 20, identifying what is the greatest number and what is the smallest number and then putting them in order from smallest to greatest or greatest to smallest. We will now be moving onto subtraction and learning about counting back and finding the difference between numbers. 


In Science, children in Year 1 have been very excited to learn about amazing animals. They have learnt that there are many different types of animals that can be described in different ways. 

The children learnt about grouping animals into categories, these include mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. The children learnt that all these groups have a backbone and that mammals have fur or hair and they give birth to live babies. Birds have feathers, wings and a beak and they lay eggs. Also, fish have scales, fins and gills and they lay eggs. 

Moreover, children learnt about what mammals have in common. Children learnt that mammals are warm-blooded, they have a backbone, they have fur or hair, they feed their babies with their milk also that humans are mammals. 

Other curriculum area which has inspired and motivated the children

In Year 1 we were lucky enough to have two visits this term. One from the Police to learn about interest safety. Additionally, we had a visit from an Author, Camilla Chester who shared her story about Empathy. They had the opportunity to listen to her read a story. When back in the classrooms children shared how much they enjoyed her visit and promoted their love of reading. Both visits were very valuable to the children.

Alder class also had their class assembly where they showed excellent performance skills and shared lots of their learning. This ranged from singing songs to poetry and artwork. The children loved showcasing their work and preparing for their performance. 

The children have enjoyed singing assemblies weekly and also class music lessons delivered by The Luton Music Service. These are invaluable sessions for the children to learn appropriate music skills. 

Over the next few weeks the sequence of learning will focus on:

  • Transport from the past and how they have evolved over the years.
  • The children will be learning the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ in reading and an Amazing Antelope text in English.
  • In math, we will be focusing more on subtraction before moving on to geometry.
  • We are also looking forward to our zoo trip later this term.