Reading and Writing

We have been working on creating our own opening and build up to an adventure story.  Within this unit we have been looking at features of writing such as; alliteration, similes and personification.

We are continuing our daily reading sessions to improve their comprehension and discussion skills.


In maths, we have been looking at division. Children have been learning how to divide a 2 digit and 3 digit number by a 1 digit number, including remainders.

Your children will be bringing home with them a pamphlet for parents explaining more about the times tables check in June 2022.  Children need to continue working on learning times tables at home.  Below there are some very useful websites to help them with their learning and understanding. – This website shows the exact format of the test children will complete



We have been continuing with our topic on rivers and mountains and have been looking at mountain environments in terms of climate and safety.  We have also done some art work focusing on mountain landscapes.

RE – In RE the children have been continuing to study Sikhism, they have looked at the holy book of the Sikh religion and also found out about where Sikhs worship.


At the beginning of the next half term the sequence of learning will focus on:

English – Writing a diary account of a character, from a story we have already looked at.

Maths – We are completing a unit on area before moving onto a unit on fractions including; tenths and hundredths, equivalent fractions and fractions greater than 1.

Topic – We will be finishing off our rivers and mountains topic by looking at the features of a river and an optional homework task will be set on The Water Cycle.

ICT – We will be continuing to look at spreadsheets.

RE – We will continue to study Sikhism, finding out about the values a Sikh will live by.