Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope everyone is well and has settled into positive routines in the lead up to the festive season.

Over the last few weeks senior staff have been busy looking at a range of books, planning and dropping into lessons to ensure the children are accessing high quality learning opportunities at Wigmore. This is always the best part of the job!

Anti-Bullying Week – Reach Out

This afternoon we welcomed families into school to showcase the learning the children have been completing in class linked to this important week. We have also had assemblies on the theme for the week and last week the children also learnt about World Kindness Day. Let’s make kindness the norm in everything we do – it is an important life skill to be kind with our thoughts, actions and words. Thank you to the adults for creating some amazing learning opportunities for the young people at Wigmore this week.

High expectations in assemblies

Well done to the children in Year 2 Poplar and Year 5 Linden class who have led amazing assemblies over the last two weeks. We have also had different assemblies on Remembrance Day and a special on-line assembly focused on Internet Safety – thank you to Mr Pateman and Mrs Willis for organising this. Thank you to the parents and carers who have been in school to support their children and to the adults for making sure the children do their very best in the assemblies.

Share and Learn

On Wednesday morning we welcomed parents and carers into the Foundation Stage for the first share and learn of the year. The children in Foundation get along so well and their behaviour for learning is excellent. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend this and to the adults for organising another great morning in school.

Children in Need

Thank you to all who made the effort to donate to our non-uniform day for Children in Need. Your donations will go along way!

On time, in school!

Over the next few weeks it is essential that everyone makes a big effort to improve attendance and punctuality. We want to see more classes moving around the “Classopoly” Board and earning treasure for their class. Be in to win! Be in to learn! I will be monitoring attendance closely and will be in touch and having important conversations with families who are causing concern.

The Back Page

Well done to the children who took part in the Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics, SEN Sports Festival and Futsal tournament over the past two weeks. Accessing these opportunities is only made possible due to the hard work of Mr Marshall and Mr Whadcoat. Thank you to them both for all the effort they put into the children at Wigmore.

New to Reception in 2023

This week I welcomed prospective parents for September 2023 Reception intake. It was good to see some new faces. We have another event planned for 10th January. If you know of anyone who is looking for a school place do take the opportunity to spread the good work about what we do.

Thank you Mrs Bradley and best wishes for your retirement!

As you will know Mrs Bradley is currently off school and recovering well from surgery in September. During her time off she has made the decision to spend more time with her family and retire from the teaching profession at the end of the Autumn term. She has served the Wigmore community admirably since 1999 in a number of different roles. Every child, parent and staff member talk positively of her warmth and calmness, this is evidenced around the school on a daily basis and the children will be able to benefit from this expertise, although she has retired she has kindly agreed to join us in school for 3 days a week to support our Year 6 pupils up until the end of May as they prepare for their transition to high school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her 23 years of dedicated service to the Wigmore school community. We will inform parents and carers of our recruitment for a new Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 2 once the process has been completed.

House Points

The children have been working incredibly hard in school to earn points for their House!

Week beginning Aviators Brewers Mechanics Plaiters
7.11.22 404 – WINNERS! 325 354 398

The Gold Book

Well done to the following children who were in the Gold Book over the last two weeks.

Class Week beginning 7.11.22
Acorns (Reception) Raphael
Conkers (Reception) Sofia
Pine (Reception) Isla
Alder (Year 1) Kacie
Ash (Year 1) Daniel
Birch (Year 1) Ananya
Poplar (Year 2) Zac
Rowan (Year 2) Rocco
Yew (Year 2) Waleed
Aspen (Year 3) Adeline
Hazel (Year 3) Jake
Juniper (Year 3) Matida
Elm (Year 4) Givvi
Maple (Year 4) Vanesa
Willow (Year 4) Nouri
Beech (Year 5) Tahira
Hawthorn (Year 5) Eva
Linden (Year 5) Divya
Holly (Year 6) Holly
Lime (Year 6) Max
Oak (Year 6) James


At Wigmore we have to aim to be here every day! Excellent attendance is 97% or above. There are strong links between good attendance and good progress in school, both academically and socially.  We want to be the best we can possibly be and reach our school target of 97%. We have to make a concerted effort in order to improve attendance and punctuality.

Every minute of every lesson counts!

Be in to win!

Be on time and in school every day!

WB 7.11.22 Percentage Comment Classopoly places forward
Acorns (Reception) 93.8% Must improve! 0 places
Conkers (Reception) 98.8% Outstanding! 2 places
Pine (Reception) 92.3% Must improve! 0 places
Alder (Year 1) 95.9% Must improve! 0 places
Ash (Year 1) 95% Must improve! 0 places
Birch (Year 1) 90.7% Must improve! 0 places
Poplar (Year 2) 96.3% Almost there! 0 places
Rowan (Year 2) 97.3% Outstanding! 1 place
Yew (Year 2) 99.3% WOW! 3 places
Aspen (Year 3) 96.9% Almost there! 0 place
Hazel (Year 3) 96.6% Almost there! 0 place
Juniper (Year 3) 97.3% Outstanding! 1 place
Elm (Year 4) 99.7% WOW! 3 places
Maple (Year 4) 92% Must improve! 0 places
Willow (Year 4) 98.6% Outstanding! 2 places
Beech (Year 5) 97% Outstanding! 1 place
Hawthorn (Year 5) 96.3% Almost there! 0 places
Linden (Year 5) 92.9% Must improve! 0 places
Holly (Year 6) 92% Must improve! 0 places
Lime (Year 6) 93.4% Must improve! 0 places
Oak (Year 6) 96.7% Almost there! 0 place
Whole School (week) 95.7% Must improve! NA
Whole School (Year) 94.6% Must improve! NA

Lateness = lost learning!

5 minutes late every day 3 days of learning lost
10 minutes late every day 6 and half days of learning lost
15 minutes late every day 2 weeks of learning lost
20 minutes late every day 19 days of learning lost

Days off school = lost learning!

97% to 100% attendance  Excellent attendance! This is our goal!
95% attendance  10 days of learning lost per year
90% attendance 19 days of learning lost per year
85% attendance 29 days of learning lost per year
80% attendance 38 days of learning lost per year
75% attendance 47 days of learning lost per year

With thanks for your continued support in the work we do with your children,

Mr Johnston