Reading and Writing

We have started to learn our model text for our fantasy finding tale and have been doing some work on making our writing more engaging for our reader.


We will continue to look at decimals for the first few weeks of this term which will then lead nicely onto a unit on money.  We will continue to practise our times tables in readiness for the multiplication test in the beginning of June.  Please encourage your child to learn those times tables that they are unsure of.


For the first three days of term we zapped through the unit of Electricity, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Using the components to build their own circuits discovering that it will light a bulb, make a buzzer ‘scream’ and cause a motor to turn switched on their interest!

ICT – This term we have used our first session using the website to allow children to practise having a go using the test format.

RE – We have begun our topic on festivals and have been looking at which festivals are religious, which are non religious and those which have elements of both.


In the next three weeks:

English – The children will continue to look at a fantasy finding tale, leading to them writing their own.  Ideas for their story could come from one of the story books we are currently reading in class – The Spiderwick Chronicles.


The Field Guide (SPIDERWICK CHRONICLE Book 1) eBook : DiTerlizzi, Tony,  Black, Holly: Kindle Store

Maths –  We will be continuing work on decimals looking at hundredths, dividing by 10 and 100, rounding, comparing and ordering decimals.

Science – We will be starting our unit on Living Things and their Habitats.  This unit looks at the different ways in which living things can be grouped, using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment.  As well as this we will be looking at how environments can change and the impact of this on living things.

ICT – This term we will continue to use these sessions to practise times tables ahead of the times tables test.

RE – Using their knowledge of festivals children will be designing their own festivals.