Reading and Writing

The children wrote their own versions of a fantasy finding story. We have now started the  whole school writing unit based on Little Red Riding Hood.


We are completing our unit on decimals and have been looking at ordering, comparing and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.


We have enjoyed exploring our school grounds, looking at the different living organisms that live there.  We took pictures of the different organisms we found and created a classification key to identify these.

ICT – This term we have used our ICT sessions to get children familiarised with the multiplication test format and allow them the opportunity to learn the times tables that they are not confident with.  Please continue to encourage your child to practise these at home.  We appreciate your support with this.

RE – The children have enjoyed creating their own festival aswell as making Wesak lanterns this term.


In the next three weeks:

English – We will be looking at discussion and debate regarding fantasy creatures. This will link to the Spiderwick Chronicles books that we continue to read to the class. When  choosing reading books this half term, please encourage your child to choose with a fantasy setting to support them with their ideas for this unit.


The Field Guide (SPIDERWICK CHRONICLE Book 1) eBook : DiTerlizzi, Tony, Black, Holly: Kindle Store

Maths –  The next unit of work is money, which will allow children to practise what they have been learning in the current decimals unit.

Science – We will be starting our unit on Humans including animals.  We will be looking at teeth, digestion and food chains.

Topic – On Monday 23rd we will be having an exciting Anglo Saxon day as a ‘WOW’ start to our next history topic.

ICT – We will continue to use these sessions to practise times tables ahead of the times tables test but during the next half term the children will be excited to learn how top create their own animations using the computers.

RE – The children will be looking at Judaism, with particular attention to the festival of Passover and understanding the importance of festivals and family life to Jewish.