Dear Parents and Carers,

The week before half term, half term and the current week has passed very quickly and has been full of amazing opportunities for learning for so many different members of our school community. I do hope you all had a restful half term break and enjoyed some of the amazing colours on offer in the great outdoors! Autumn is an amazing time of year!

As the weather changes and the amount of daylight hours reduces it is important that parents and carers driving to and from school continue to use the Asda Car Park. We want all our families to arrive safely and without the bother of pollution caused by engines idling on Twyford Drive. Active travel opportunities give you a better opportunity to experience the best of autumn.

If you are walking to and from school please use the pedestrian gate and not the car park gate as this is very unsafe.

Running for Team Wigmore! 

Our Fun Run and teachers team taking part in the Love Luton Half Marathon was a real success. We have raised £10,375 (this includes £2500 from a local charitable trust who heard about the good work we are trying to do and some substantial donations from other local businesses).  Over the next few weeks our school council will be looking at different quotes that have arrived in school over half term. This amount is exceptional! Your kindness and generosity is most appreciated. Thank you to Mr Marshall and Mrs Williams who organised the fun run, Mrs Addision for all her hard work behind the scenes, Mr Addison for his helpful training programme for the teachers taking part and finally to the teachers who braved atrocious conditions to cross the line successfully on Sunday. Everyone living the values of determination and courage. A huge well done to some of our parents at Wigmore who took part in the school fun run and those who joined the teachers on the starting line at Stockwood Park on Sunday morning.

Well done to our Guess the Time competition winners. The children named have demonstrated some expert investigation skills!

Name of Teacher Time (Hours and Minutes) Winning Guess
Mr Brady 1 hour 56 minutes Matthew (Holly)
Mr Johnston 2 hours 6 minutes Ollie (Oak)
Mr Pateman 2 hours 14 minutes Sienna (Hawthorn)
Mrs Clarke 2 hours 20 minutes Naila (Beech), Max (Maple), Lacey (Maple)
Mrs Bainbridge 2 hours 59 minutes Ethan (Elm)

Reading at Wigmore – Give Me Ten!

Our school library will be back up and in full operation from next week. One of our school governors, Mrs Jones, has kindly offered her time to oversee its use. Mrs Porteous-Heath and Mr Omer will be opening the library every Tuesday after school so our families can borrow books to take home and read with their children. All classes will have access to a library session during the week with their class teacher. Reading is at the core of the curriculum. We want children to reach the different Give Me Ten milestones.

Sporting life at Wigmore! 

If there were back pages on Headteacher blogs they would be full. Mr Marshall and Mrs Williams have been working incredibly hard to provide some wonderful sporting opportunities for the children at Wigmore.

Football Matches 

The boys football team travelled to Linden Academy and St Joseph’s before half term. Winning 3-1 against Linden and losing 3-1 against St Joseph’s. Well done to all who took part.

Sports Hall Athletics

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children also took part in the sports hall athletics championships and qualified for the next round. Well done to all who took part.

Parent and Carer Consultations

Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us in school recently for parent and carer consultations. We hope you found these useful and had the opportunity to look through your children’s books to see the progress they have made so far this year. Thanks to the office staff for organising the evenings and to the teachers for putting the effort into developing good working partnerships with our families.

Awe and wonder in Year 3

Just before half term the children in Year 3 were treated to an amazing day with different reptiles in school. They have produced some quality work linked to this. Year 3 Maple also had their class sharing assembly and have set the bar very high with the sharing of their learning with Key Stage 2 and parents and carers. They were confident and articulate and the audience detectives listened very well. Thanks to the staff in Year 3 for continuing to do an amazing job with the children and to our parents and carers for their support.

Year 5 and 6 Outdoor Learning

Thanks to Mrs Clark who has been organising some amazing outdoor learning opportunities for the children in Year 5 and 6 on a Thursday afternoon. Ryebridge construction have donated some great resources the children have been able to be use to develop team work skills. The children are really enjoying these activities.

Religious Education

The children have also been learning about the festival of Diwali. Happy Diwali to all our families who are celebrating Diwali this week. Mrs Chavda did an amazing assembly with Key Stage 1 this week and children in Key Stage 2 will be learning about this next week.

This week in school Year 6 have been learning about the Islamic faith via a special visit from Imam Usman Shahzad Butt from the Stevenage Mosque. Thank you to the teachers for organising this wonderful learning opportunity for the children.

Staffing news

Congratulations to Miss Keenan and her family who welcomed baby Ellie into the world on 28th October. I have heard that everyone is doing very well. Exciting times ahead!

Next Wednesday will be Miss Musk’s last day at Wigmore. She has worked in a number of year groups since 2008 as a teaching assistant and higher level teaching assistant. She is looking for employment closer to where she lives and I would like to thank her for her hard work and dedication to the school community over the last 13 years.
Value for the month 
Our value for the month of November is respect.
Last month we were very impressed with the following children for displaying the value of courage on a daily basis.
Class Courage award winner
Acorns (Reception) Aiyanna
Conkers (Reception) Ishita
Pine (Reception) Rafsan
Poplar (Year 1) Sanaya
Rowan (Year 1) Jai
Yew (Year 1) Hassan
Aspen (Year 2) Ameenah
Hazel (Year 2) Ryan
Juniper (Year 2) Jasper
Elm (Year 3) Jayai
Maple (Year 3) Kimberley
Willow (Year 3) Kaylan
Beech (Year 4) Eddie
Hawthorn (Year 4) Alessio
Linden (Year 4) Toby
Holly (Year 5) Dylan
Lime (Year 5) Mohammed
Oak (Year 5) Riley
Alder (Year 6) Jaeci
Ash (Year 6) Cami
Birch (Year 6) Alex
Gold Book 
Congratulations to the following children who are in the Gold Book this week. Thank you to the parents and carers who were in school to celebrate the achievements of these children.
Class 4th November
Acorns (Reception) Farhan
Conkers (Reception) Mounesh
Pine (Reception) Sara
Poplar (Year 1) Siena
Rowan (Year 1) Maryam
Yew (Year 1) Ayman
Aspen (Year 2) Alex
Hazel (Year 2) Amelia
Juniper (Year 2) Rishi
Elm (Year 3) Oscar
Maple (Year 3) Jannah
Willow (Year 3) Oscar
Beech (Year 4) Brandon
Hawthorn (Year 4) Eva
Linden (Year 4) Saira
Holly (Year 5) Lexi
Lime (Year 5) Emma
Oak (Year 5) James
Alder (Year 6) Daisy
Ash (Year 6) Adam
Birch (Year 6) Max

House Points

The children have been working incredibly hard in school to earn points for their House!

Week beginning Aviators Brewers Mechanics Plaiters
1.11.21 526 440 633 – WINNERS 369


520 children’s names were entered into our attendance “Wheel of Fortune” family prize draw.

At Wigmore we have to aim to be here every day! Excellent attendance is 97% or above. There are strong links between good attendance and good progress in school, both academically and socially.

Attendance for this school year at Wigmore stands at 94.6% which is slightly above the national average. At Wigmore we do not want to be slightly better than average – we want to be the best we can possibly be and reach our school target of 97%.

Class WB 1.11.21 Comment
Acorns (Reception) 94% Must improve!
Conkers (Reception) 92.6% Must improve!
Pine (Reception) 95.4% Must improve!
Poplar (Year 1) 96% Almost there!
Rowan (Year 1) 95.6% Must improve!
Yew (Year 1) 96.3% Almost there!
Aspen (Year 2) 95.5% Must improve!
Hazel (Year 2) 98.2% Outstanding!
Juniper (Year 2) 91.7% Must improve!
Elm (Year 3) 91.7% Must improve!
Maple (Year 3) 100% WOW!
Willow (Year 3) 98.3% Outstanding!
Beech (Year 4) 87.5% Must improve!
Hawthorn (Year 4) 94.6% Must improve!
Linden (Year 4) 95.5% Must improve!
Holly (Year 5) 92.2% Must improve!
Lime (Year 5) 96.5% Almost there!
Oak (Year 5) 96.6% Almost there!
Alder (Year 6) 94% Must improve!
Ash (Year 6) 98.6% Outstanding!
Birch (Year 6) 97.7% Outstanding!
Whole school 95% Must improve!

Lateness = lost learning!

5 minutes late every day 3 days of learning lost
10 minutes late every day 6 and half days of learning lost
15 minutes late every day 2 weeks of learning lost
20 minutes late every day 19 days of learning lost

Days off school = lost learning!

97% to 100% attendance  Excellent attendance! This is our goal!
95% attendance  10 days of learning lost per year
90% attendance 19 days of learning lost per year
85% attendance 29 days of learning lost per year
80% attendance 38 days of learning lost per year
75% attendance 47 days of learning lost per year
With thanks for your continued support in the work we do with your children,
Mr Johnston