We have been really busy in year 3 and lots of exciting learning has been taking place. Have a read below to see what we have been up to!



In our maths lessons we have been learning about mass and capacity. This has seen us using lots of practical resources to look at different weights, capacities and the units of measurement we use. The children really enjoyed this as they were using different containers to compare capacities which I think took lots of them by surprise! We then looked at converting measurements, equivalent measurements and adding and subtracting different quantities too. We are now moving into fractions again, where the children are learning how to add, subtract and find equivalent fractions.


In our writing lessons we have been learning how to use similes, generalisers and headings/subheadings to help us write our own non chronological reports. The children have done some excellent descriptions of characters in the form of a postcard and trading cards – they really enjoyed this! There have been lots of examples of excellent handwriting and it is great to see such improvements across the year group.


A very exciting half term in our DT topic of making omelettes! We learnt about the different ingredients which are in season and what this means in terms of us as a consumer. We then looked at why eggs are important and what we can make using eggs. We tried some scrambled eggs and then decided on different ingredients that would be suitable for an omelette. The children loved practising cracking eggs, whisking, mixing and forming their own omelettes with the toppings of their choice. All in all, they did a great job and some children even had their first taste of an omelette and really liked it!


Our new book that we started reading after the Easter holidays was ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. This has been a really good book and has taught us a lot about friendships, being kind and using our skills of empathy. We discussed different scenarios that took place in some of the chapters and what we would do in those situations, using drama in groups to show this. We have also practised our skills of retrieval, summarising, inference and prediction to explore the book in detail and taking the time to understand character’s thoughts, feeling and emotions.


Great work this half term year 3 – keep it up!