Happy new year!.

Year 6 have settled back in to their routines very well. We are in the final run up to the SATs exams in mid May and there is still lots to learn and revise! We want the children to perform as well as they possibly can in the SATs so we will be working very hard over the next few months.

In English we have started learning about a new genre – Spy stories. The children are currently busy learning about the skills needed to produce a good spy story before eventually producing one of their own. Take a look at some of our work so far:

In maths we have started the new year revising fractions, decimals and percentages. The children have revised how to add and subtract fractions as well as how to order fractions even when they have different denominators. We will be looking at how to multiply and divide fractions over the coming weeks as well as revising how fractions are related to decimals and percentages. Here is a good example of some of the revision we have done so far:

In Science the children have been learning about the human body – specifically the circulatory system. We have made models of the heart and will be moving on to discuss the lungs and we will be writing a pamphlet about how to stay healthy.

The children have also started two new PE topics: Striking & Fielding and Pilates. In RE they have had some interesting discussions in their new topic of Justice and Poverty and in music we have listen to and appraised the song ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ by Carole King.

As you can see, we are very busy in year 6 having fun as well as working hard.