We would like to say thank you to all the children for their hard work and effort during the SATs week. Punctuality and attendance this week has been outstanding and I’m sure the children will have done their best to make themselves and the school proud.

Since our return to school after the Easter holidays, we have obviously  been quite heavily SATs focused. The children have been working hard in our maths, reading and grammar revision lessons in readiness for this week’s tests.

In maths the children have looked at a wide range of topics including geometry, calculations, statistics, measures, shape/angle and position and direction. We have continued to practise the main four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children have been building their confidence in these areas.

In reading we have been practising SAT type comprehension questions and also started a new class reader called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo which has been a real favourite of previous year 6 classes and has also grabbed the attention of our current year 6ites. It tells the story of a young boy stranded on a desert island and how he learns how to survive with the help of a stranger.

We have been looking at Grammar content in part of our English lessons in readiness for the Grammar SAT and revising areas of punctuation and spelling too. Tenses and the passive and active have been areas we have concentrated on (go on, look up what is meant by the passive and active).

In English we have been looking at the language of persuasion and how it is used to advertise a product. The children are currently in the process of creating a written advert for a gadget to be used by a spy.

In other areas of the curriculum

In science we have been learning about the science behind Evolution. We have studied famous people linked to the topic (Mary Anning and Charles Darwin), understood that the term evolution means changes which happen over time and that animals and plants adapt to suit the environment they live in.

Before half term,, we will be setting the children off on a homework topic based on evolution. The children will be researching some animals and creating a presentation about how they are adapted to their habitats. Look out for the details on this project homework coming home!

In RE the children have been looking at Justice and Poverty and what is meant by the terms fair and unfair. They have looked at some charities working to eradicate poverty in the world and discussed issues facing street children in different parts of the world.

In French, we have started to look at the vocabulary of Family and will be learning how to talk about our family members.


What is coming up

We will continue to work on our adverts in English lessons and continue reading Kensuke’s Kingdom in reading. Our next English writing topic will be explanation and we will be looking at strange contraptions and explaining how they work.

In maths, we are going to be working through some projects dealing with real life issues ( the one entitled Bakery interests me especially if it has anything to do with cakes! ).

In science we will be doing some practical work on electricity ( no rewiring of buildings or setting up of appliances will be happening ( :  )

In French we will carry on looking at The Family and in computers we will study Spreadsheets and Coding.

Year 6 will also be preparing for their end of year presentation to parents and school which this year is entitled I’m an 11 year old Get Me Out of Here!  There will be music, singing and acting from your children and maybe … the teachers.