What We Learnt This Half Term

(Questions written for parents/carers to ask their children)

Yr. 4 – Well done to all the pupils who have made great progress this half term

Invasion Skills – Pupils learnt how to bounce a ball whilst static and on the move and how to keep possession. Learnt how to pass and when to use chest/bounce/shoulder passes. Pupils developed understanding of how to drive the ball forward on attack and provide support, and learned how to defend using touch tight marking and defensive triangle.

Q – Why is possession important? A = If we keep the ball longer than the other team we are more likely to win.

Step to the beat – Pupils developed their co-ordination, rhythm and knowledge of key components of moving with music. Pupils were able to move in time with music and created own moves and exercises with the beat. Pupils understand the tempo of different music and how this effects the routine.