What We Learnt This Half Term

(Questions written for parents/carers to ask their children)

Yr. 5 – Outstanding from all the pupils who have made great progress this half term.

Invasion Skills – Pupils focused on defensive and attacking principles of invasion sports. They developed attacking skills by creating space in a variety of ways and understood creating space can be for yourself or a team member. Defensive skills were also challenged, with pupils investigating the defensive triangle and how to mark “touch tight”. Pupils have showed huge improvements and great understanding of invasion techniques.

Q. What is the defensive triangle? A = Defender can see ball and player they are marking.











OAA – Our OAA topic focused on what makes good teamwork and leadership qualities. This was developed through problem solving tasks which had to be planned completed together. In OAA we also learned how to read maps correctly through orienteering lessons. Pupils understand the importance of the key, compass and landmarks on a map and how this helps you to read a map.

Q. What direction must we hold a map? A = North